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About Us

Welcome To The Coin Monkeys

Fast, Friendly and Flawless Transactions

Our business philosophy is different than most.  We're not satisfied with any coin transaction unless it's advantageous for all parties involved.  As a collector, be assured that you will always be able to buy from Your Coin Monkeys and get quality coins and precious metals at fair prices.. 

A Little About Your Monkeys

Think of Your Coin Monkeys as sort of an outlet store for Kevin Lipton Rare Coins (KLRC). KLRC is the number one provider of rare coins and precious metals for dealers across the country. The products we sell are typically those no longer being offered by our dealer network. As a result we can offer a large selection of these products at terrific prices that are more fun than a barrel know...monkeys! In just a few months, Your Coin Monkeys has become one of the fastest growing sellers on eBay. All our inventory is owned and backed by KLRC. So you can be assured you are getting genuine coins and bullion. The coin monkeys were born in captivity and raised by very knowledgeable humans who desire only the best for their customers. The best service, easy transactions and genuine care with each and every package that leaves our office in Southern California.

Your Coin Monkeys have become one of the friendliest coin traders of all-time and handles most all of the United States Mint issues the moment they are released. We have has sold Hundred's of thousands of dollars worth of high quality rare coins as well!

Meet Your Troop Of Coin Monkeys

They say, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.  That's exactly why Your Coin Monkeys have a team of chimps who provide exceptional service, unparalleled response and sound advice to each and every customer.  It doesn't matter the size of the deal or how challenging the needs are, Your Coin Monkeys work together to make each and every transaction seamless.

Sometimes you need to be creative on how to get things done.  That's why we're always thinking outside the box on how to be the most efficient.  The bottom line -- we are a bunch of funloving and high-spirited monkeys that love to eat bananas and laugh while we work  Over time, we hope you will get a chance to meet the entire troop of Monkeys -- Kevin, Dale, Reid, Louis, Jackson, Brandon, Sonny, Danny, Jackson, Doug, Soughi and even the corporate dog Lucy.  And you will quickly learn that our team spirit is second to none.  We're just a fun bunch that loves what we do.

Take some time and explore our website.  If you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you online, please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. And if you are a dealer looking for product to sell through your channels please don't hesitate to call the king of our jungle, Kevin Lipton, at 310-712-8118..

To all of you, from all of us at Your Coin Monkeys...we simply say thanks for hangin' out with us!

Kevin Lipton
Lucy's proud owner